Brazil-Works provides affordable, confidential information, analysis and consulting to business, organizational leaders, research centers, and policy advocacy groups across a wide range of sectors in Brazil and the United States. Brazil-Works also provides legislative advocacy and oversight services in the U.S. at the federal and state levels.

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Brazil-Works is directed by Mark S. Langevin, Ph.D. and draws on two decades of strategic research and consulting work in Brazil and the U.S. Dr. Langevin teaches at both the undergraduate and graduate levels; publishes widely, and specializes in research design and methods, energy policy formation, international trade and negotiations, and U.S. -Brazil relations. Brazil-Works is available for consultations and assignments today.

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Brazil-Works specializes in research design and administration, strategic planning, partnership prospecting, market research, institutional and regulatory analysis, policy analysis and evaluation, and political risk assessment. Brazil-Works has conducted research and provided consulting services in agriculture, the extractive industries, manufacturing, services, government, and civil society.

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