BrazilWorks Briefing Papers



Infrastructure Investment and Challenges in Northeastern Brazil

August, 2013

Chris Cote and Mark S. Langevin, Ph.D.


The Brazilian Capital Goods Market: Recent Development and Future Prospects

April, 2013

Mark S. Langevin, Ph.D.


Myths and Preconceptions about Belo Monte: A Summary of Instituto Acende Brasil’s “O Setor Elétrico Brasileiro e a Construção da Hidrelétrica de Belo Monte: Mitos e Preconceitos”

October 2012

Summarized and Translated to English by Mark S. Langevin, Ph.D.


Brazil’s Health Care System: Towards Reform?

August, 2012

Mark S. Langevin, Ph.D.


BrazilWorks’ Guide and Key Recommendations for Doing Business in Brazil

April 2012

Mark S. Langevin, Ph.D.


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